The Best Spicy Tuna Jalapeno Poppers in Portland

I didn’t think I would love another appetizer more than I love fried cheese curds, but I was wrong. Once I tried the spicy tuna jalapeno poppers from the Zenbu sushi truck in Portland, OR – I knew it was love at first bite. As with most things that I love, I end up looking to see if there is anything better. Unsurprisingly, there are not many places that offer spicy tuna jalapeno poppers (say that 5 times fast) so my list is fairly short.


Zenbu’s spicy tuna jalapeno poppers are addicting. The crispyness of the fried jalapeno’s mixed with the softness of the spicy tuna makes eating these things a very enjoyable experience. I think what makes these great is that the tuna is fresh and is added to the poppers after they are fried. Zenbu is located in the Sellwood area. I recommend grabbing the poppers and a roll of your choosing (all the rolls are great). Afterwards, walk across the street to the wine shop and have a glass (or two) and reflect on the delicious meal that you just had.

Zenbu’s spicy tuna jalapeno poppers

Miyamoto Sushi House 

Miyamoto is located off of SE 81st but their sushi can also be ordered from Roscoe’s off of Stark. Miyamoto’s spicy tuna jalapeno poppers were deep fried and then covered in tobiko, sauce, and scallions. I recommend ordering these along with a few rolls to share. After your meal, meander over to Roscoe’s for a game of pool.

Miyamoto’s spicy tuna jalapeno poppers

Uchu Sushi 

Uchu Sushi on Mississippi Ave in Portland. Their poppers were done slightly differently as they had fried the tuna with the poppers.

Uchu’s spicy tuna jalapeno poppers

Jalapeno poppers on their own are great, so when they are done with a twist it is definitely worth trying. I would definitely recommend ordering then at any of these establishments, as they are all great in their own way and are a solid appetizer.

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to check these places out and get poppin!

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