Don’t Skip the French Toast

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I have an entire Facebook album dedicated to breakfast (this is 100% true). When I go out to breakfast, I have noticed that most of my friends skip on the french toast. I think the reason for this is because many places don’t make their french toast special. Don’t worry though, I have done the work for you and have found some places where you should absolutely not skip the french toast!

Nutella and Bacon Stuffed French Toast – Mo’s, Campbell, CA


Bacon and Nutella Stuffed French Toast from Mo’s in Campbell, CA

This french toast was so good! I mean who doesn’t love bacon and nutella? Bacon bits and nutella are generously slathered in between softly grilled pieces of toast. This dish was very filling and my friends had to roll me out of the restaurant, but it was worth it.

Stuffed Challah French Toast – Portal, Oakland, CA


Caramelized fruit and ricotta stuffed french toast from Portal in Oakland, CA

Oh man, Portal knows how to do breakfast right! Their challah (holla!) french toast was so easy to eat. The french toast is stuffed with caramelized fruit and ricotta filling, and topped with whipped cream.

Wildflower French Toast – Wildflower Grill, Lincoln City, OR


Wildflower french toast from Wildflower Grill in Lincoln City, OR

This is definitely the biggest french toast that I have had. Big pieces of Texas toast are used to make this simple but delicious dish. The toast is lightly battered and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The Texas toast holds up really well when dipped in maple syrup and does not get soggy.

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