Beers That Taste Like Other Things

I’ve been to a lot of breweries and some of the most interesting beers that I’ve had didn’t taste like beer, they tasted like something else. In this blog, I visit some of my favorite beers that taste like other things.

Blueberry Muffin – Great Notion Brewing

Blueberry Muffin beer from Great Notion Brewing

 Have you ever wanted to drink a blueberry muffin? I didn’t until I had this beer. It tastes like a blueberry muffin but it’s pulled off in a perfectly balanced way that doesn’t make it what you would expect. This beer is so refreshing and truthfully I guzzled it down the first time I had it.

Tractor Pull – Wolves & People

Tractor Pull from Wolves & People Brewing

Having recently visited Wolves & People, the taste of the Tractor Pull is fresh in my mouth. The naming convention does not hint at what the beer actually is, which is a cinnamon raisin bagel. I love this beer because it tastes so comforting, and served as a fantastic rainy day beverage.

S’mor Stout – Base Camp Brewing

S’mor Stout from Base Camp Brewing

 The S’mor Stout is delicious and tastes very much like the campfire dessert. You get hints of chocolate, coffee, fig and smoke which gives it the familiar taste of a s’mor. This stout is very drinkable, it’s not too sweet and at 7.7% ABV it’s actually an easy drinker. Having had many of Base Camp’s beers, this one is at the top of my list.

Benedict Cucumberpatch – Old Town Brewing

Do you like pickles? If so, then you’ll probably love this beer. Although the name references cucumbers. the beer tastes much more like a dill pickle. It’s very refreshing and is a perfect accompaniment to Old Town Brewing’s garlic knots.

Old Fashioned Saison – Royale Brewing Co. (Garrison Taproom)

Old Fashioned Saison – Royale Brewing Co.

A saison that was aged with cherries in a George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey barrel, and then zested with oranges. This beer VERY closely resembles an Old Fashioned, a classic cocktail made with bourbon, sugar and bitters.  Coming in at 9.1% this brewski, just like the cocktail, is more of a sipper. It has nice citrus notes and an oaky finish.

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