San Diego


Bang Bang


Bang Bang is a party spot and the place you go to have fun! This restaurant/bar is fabulous for a girls night out.  The decor is over the top, the cocktails will get you drunk, and they do a great job at accommodating groups. My favorite part is the Ryan Gosling themed bathroom. They also have a larger than life disco ball. The last two sentences should say enough. The place is as ridiculous as it is fun, and if you like to let loose then Bang Bang should definitely be your destination.
Why I love it: fun atmosphere, Ryan Gosling bathroom 

Sushi Deli

Alright, I am giving away one of my biggest San Diego secretes right here. Known to locals as the best place to get cheap yet good quality sushi, Sushi Deli is my go-to in this city. The prices are great and they do not compromise the quality. As prices rise all around us, Sushi Deli is a rarity in this day and age, which is why I covet them so much.
Why I love it: cheap sushi that doesn’t sacrifice quality

La Torta
La Torta is located just outside of San Diego proper in a little town called La Mesa. However, don’t let that deter you, because the torta’s are seriously delicious. An important tip, you must come here hungry because they are are huge.
Why I love it: the torta’s are gigantic and delicious 


The Grass Skirt 

raspberry cold beverage with sliced lemon and mint

Do you like tiki bars? Do you like speakeasy’s? If the answer is yes to those, then you will love The Grass Skirt since it’s a tiki bar speakeasy!! The entrance to the tiki bar is through the walk in freezer that is in the back of the adjacent restaurant. This is probably one of my favorite tiki bar entrances that I have ever seen. Not to mention that the vibe is fantastic once you get inside! I recommend odering the Jungle Bird, or grab a punch bowl if you are with a group. You are all set to have a great time!
Why I love it: it’s a tiki bar speakeasy! Need I say more? 

Pure Project Brewery

Pure Project is a small but mighty brewery with such a positive vibe. They are a small batch brewery that also offers a sustainable vision. I love this place because of the variety of their beers and the ingredients that they use. They know how to make good beer and also provide a wide variety of beers for every beer lover to enjoy. From their imperial stout “Rex” series to their ever popular IPA releases, Pure Project hits the nail on the head with their use of adjunct ingredients. If you are in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by!
Why I love it: nice variety of beer, well crafted

What to Do

Rent a Jet Ski

sea nature sky water

Mission Bay is the perfect place to jet ski. The water is calmer than the ocean which makes it a great place to jet around. There are several places where you can rent jet ski’s and recreational equipment. Many of the jet ski’s are large enough to accommodate up to three people. This is such a fun activity and a must-do on a hot San Diego day!
Why I love it: super fun!

Hike Torrey Pines Preserve
img_3384Torrey Pines Natural Reserve offers you the chance to break a sweat and also take in an incredible view. The reserve is 1,750 acres and provides a variety of trails to hike on which allows you to spend just a few hours or all day hiking around. The trails showcase beautiful and even some endangered species of native plants and wind up and around the coastal bluffs.
Why I love it: beautiful views, moderate hiking

Watch a Game at Petco Park

Regardless of whether you are a Padre’s fan, watching a game at the Petco stadium is so much fun. The stadium is very craft beer friendly, and sports a great selection of local brews. Grab your beer and then find a seat in the 42,445 seated baseball stadium. You will be hard pressed to find a seat with bad view of the game.
Why I love it: great beer selection, nice stadium with good views 

Pool Parties at the Hard Rock

two labeled bottles of wine beside a wine glass by the pool

Are you visiting San Diego but you would rather be in Vegas? If that was a yes, then the Hard Rock hotel in downtown San Diego is the place for you. This place is a scene but can also be a good time. The drinks are pricey but sipping on a cocktail in the hot tub can make it worth it.
Why I love it: great for large parties/feels like Vegas(ish)


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